The fastest way to make money - Aqw

Well, the fastest way to get money is by doing the quests in Dwakel/Crash site (Type; /join dwakel)

Its just simple, unless you will have to be strong enough to fight the dwakels.

Ok first, goto dwakel, then click Taravya's Speech bubble.

The Start the first 3 quests (Quadrolithium, Dam Balloons, Bumper Bolts)

To do these quests just kill 8 dwakels.

When you are done, go back and turn in all the quests, and sell all of the items you get from the quests to the enchacement shop.


The other way for fast money making is to do Portal(Type; /Join portal /join portalundead)

I think the portalundead quest id the easiest one

And the problem is, the quest is DAILY


Roxie.Br 08:00, March 24, 2011 (UTC)

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